Itemised Receipts for Paid Invoices

If you pay an invoice via this site you will be given a proof of payment, which you can use with the invoice to show payment. However, if you need an itemised receipt for an invoice you have paid, please send an email with your invoice number, receipt number, name and date of birth to:

Request a receipt for payment made at a Collection Centre

If you are a Medicare-card holder:

If you are a Medicare-card holder but were required to pay at the time of Collection for one or more tests that are not covered by Medicare, an itemised receipt is not normally supplied. These tests are not claimable through private health funds.

For other situations:

If you were required to pay at the time of Collection for tests because:
  • You are an overseas visitor or non-Medicare card holder and were not eligible to have the tests paid by Medicare, and need a receipt to lodge a claim via private health insurance, or
  • You had a tests for non-medical reasons and need to present an itemised receipt to a court or to an employer,
Then please complete this form and click submit.