Preparing For Your Test

What am I required to bring for my pathology testing?

Make sure you bring the pathology test request form that your doctor completed for you. Please note that we normally accept all pathology request forms and will on-forward request samples collected that we don’t accept.

Our pathology collection staff will generally enquire of you as to your current medications and doses. Accordingly it may be helpful to bring a list of your current medications if applicable. 

Whilst we may have your Medicare details on file, you are required to bring a valid Medicare card if we are to ensure that your Medicare covered testing will be bulk billed to Medicare.

In other circumstances such as immigration testing, occupational testing, parentage DNA testing, insurance screening, drug screening testing etc, and Court ordered testing, then photographic identification (such as drivers licence or passport) will be required to confirm identity of each of the patient(s) at time of collection.

What do I need to prepare for my testing?

It is better to drink plenty of water prior to your test as it makes it easier for our pathology collection centre staff to collect blood from your veins. 

During a blood collection, distraction is an effective way of ameliorating people’s (especially children’s) fear of a blood collection. Accordingly it may help to distract your child’s mind from the procedure by occupying them with things such as a special toy, book etc. 

The following pre-test collection information will ensure the specimen you provide to Abbott Pathology is in the condition necessary for correct examination and accurate result reporting. The information is specific for the test/s you are having conducted. If you need any further assistance with these instructions, please contact your local Abbott Pathology collection centre here.