Services and Products

Diagnostic Testing Services

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of diagnostic testing services and specialist diagnostic advice.

Our services extend from collection of the specimen from the patient, transporting the specimen to the laboratory, analysis of the specimen, to specialist reporting and interpretation of the results to the referring doctor.

Our range of tests extends from the relatively routine tests such as cholesterol to the highly complex gene-based and molecular tests. We perform tests that enable the treating doctor to prevent illness, diagnose disease, guide treatment pathways, monitor disease progression and eventually to confirm patient recovery.

It has been established that 70% to 80% of all healthcare decisions involve reliance upon the sort of diagnostic tests that we conduct every day.

Occupational Testing, Health Screening, and Risk Management

We help employers and other organisations improve the health of workers and others under their care. We are the leading provider of drugs of abuse testing programs for employees in South Australia, and we are a leading provider of wellness testing and screening for life insurance assessments, immigration services, pre-employment and occupational assessments.
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DNA Identification / Parentage Testing Services

Abbott Pathology’s DNA services include parentage testing, forensic testing services, and DNA identification for determining parentage or establishing the family relationships for adoption and immigration purposes. DNA samples can be obtained using cotton swabs for pain free specimen collection.
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Vaccine Supply Services

Abbott Pathology supplies medical practitioners with most travel vaccines and influenza vaccines. Abbott Pathology supplies a wide range of vaccines in various pack sizes using its state wide cold chain supply logistics network.
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Clinical Trial Services

We are one of Australia’s largest and longest established clinical trial testing companies. Our network practices provide testing services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies who are seeking to develop new medicines and devices. Our scientific expertise and broad menu of assays provides extensive services to support preclinical through phase IV studies.

Our clients extend internationally, with many of the major clinical research organisations sending their samples to our clinical trials laboratory from all over the Asia Pacific. Our work in this area helps our clients develop and improve patient care though innovative medical solutions and medications.
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