Why Abbott Path

You can improve people’s health

Abbott Pathology has many people who have spent their entire professional careers with us.

When asked why they have chosen to stay with us for so long, the reason given is that Abbott Pathology affords them the opportunity to improve the insights into the health of Australians every day. Here at Abbott Pathology, they have the ability to make a difference to people's lives.

You can be part of a dynamic winning culture

At Abbott Pathology you will be joining a winning culture that is underpinned by the values we seek to imbed in our DNA. Our culture is one of openness, frankness, and accountability. We understand the importance of the work we do and we seek to continually find ways to improve upon that work. 

You can further your career

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from being part of a team that improves the lives of Australians, working for Abbott Pathology offers many advantages. Our size, our geographic spread across many states, and locations [via on of our sister companies] provide you with the opportunity to explore and grow your career – in a different department, in a different role, or indeed in a different city. The majority of the pathology executives in our company have initially commenced in entry level scientific, technical or medical roles.

Abbott Pathology has a comprehensive program of staff training and professional development. For those with advanced qualifications, we have a robust training and development program supported by external programs as required. Each year we fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of external third party offered professional development training and courses. For those just starting, we offer certificate level training via our registered training organisation The Primary Health Care Institute.